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3D Printed Fire Hydrant with Secret Stash

Third Monkey Studios

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This is a 3D-printed fire hydrant that measures 9" high and 5" wide from side to side.  The base spirals out from the bottom to reveal a storage area for small items such as cash, jewelry, or other small items. The front steamer cap screws into the base as a set screw to keep the base from slipping out when not wanted. The side caps screw in, but they are for decoration only, they do not go through the base. The top of the hydrant also unscrews and can allow you to access the secret compartment. In all, there are 6 pieces total that make up this awesome item. Custom colors can be requested for an additional $15 and an extra week if the color is not in stock. **Taxes and shipping will be calculated at checkout. These are printed for you after you order, so each one is specific to you, please allow 3-4 days for production, prior to shipping.